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Although the curriculum is standard, we all learn differently.

Welcome to Pathways To Potential  

 Empowering Parents and Children!

Knowing how we learn is the key to success in school. Surprisingly, most of our children have little or no idea how they learn, let alone how to study! 

This is where Pathways To Potential  come in: 

  • We offer an exciting and innovative new approach for parents to ensure that their child gets the best out of their education.
  • We do this by creating a personalised learning plan designed to help them maximise their learning and study techniques in the manner which best suits them as an individual.
  • We will assess how your child takes in information and use the results to create an individualized educational roadmap unique to them. This will empower your child  to develop good learning and studying habits that will last throughout their entire education.
  • Our service is delivered by qualified professional teachers, all currently registered with the Teaching Council of Ireland.

We believe this personalised learning plan may be the “missing link” to assist our children to get the best out of their education and achieve their full potential as adults. We need to enable them to progress from being a passive to an ACTIVE learner.

Our unique service provides students with the assistance they need to succeed.                                                                  

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